My Life as Jonah

Have you ever run from God? I have!  More than once...more than five times! In different ways I have run from God.  Whether it was ignoring what He wanted me to do with my life, ignoring Him because I was mad about how my life was going, continuing to do something I knew He didn't want me to do or many other things. So, I, like Jonah ran from God.  And I, like Jonah, got a timeout. A 'sit yourself down right here and think about what you're doing, why you're doing what you're doing and NOT what I told you to do' from God.  First, I have to state the obvious: it is really stupid to try to run from God! He's everywhere and you can't get away from Him. I did not literally try to escape physically and get away from God, but I did try to act like what God told me to do was a suggestion - on many occasions.  Maybe I'll make this into a series or something because I have a lot of examples, but I'll just give one example right now.   Click here to read the rest on my blog, Love, Angela. ♥ Angela