The ‘Small’ Things

I was roasting sweet potatoes today and I completely forgot that I ran out of cinnamon yesterday {first world pains, I know}. So, I was looking in the cabinets hoping that somehow I had overlooked another bottle of cinnamon in the back somewhere. Still no cinnamon.  Then I looked in my sister's cabinets (we're roomies). Still no cinnamon.  So, I said a prayer something like "please let me find some cinnamon."  I finished making the dressing and cutting all the other vegetables that go with the dish and hoped that it would taste the same without the cinnamon.  A half an hour later {they roast for an hour}, I add the chickpeas and go back to my room to do something and my sister just happens to come to my door to tell me something.  She leans against the doorframe with what in her hand? Cinnamon!! Like what are the chances?!! I said really quickly and probably way too excitedly considering we're talking about cinnamon {but you know how it is when you want your food to taste the way you're used to it tasting - I digress} "Is that cinnamon?" And she glances at it and says "Yeah." I ask her if I can have some and she says yes.  Then I say, "God answers small prayers." Click here to read the rest on my blog, Love, Angela.     ♥ Angela